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SeLoRa - Customized LoRa® Wireless Network

The SeLoRa is a wireless sensor communication solution based on the LoRa® protocol. We provide LoRa® hardware and software customization services to tailor the SeLoRa building blocks to your specific IoT sensors and cloud needs and interfaces providing you with a low power, low cost, long battery life, reliable connectivity of your sensors with the cloud. Read more …

Protocol Analyzers

The Perytons Protocol Analyzers is a professional suite for capturing and analyzing IEEE 802.15.4 based protocols (such as 6LoWPAN, RF4CE), Bluetooth Smart, PLC-PRIME, G3-PLC and other wireless and wire-line traffic.

Perytons protocol analyzers reached end of life. They can be purchased “as is” with a big discount. Read mode …: