Protocol Analyzers

The Perytons Protocol Analyzers is a professional suite for capturing and analyzing IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, RF4CE, Thread, Bluetooth Smart, PLC-PRIME, G3-PLC and other wireless and wire-line traffic.

The standalone Perytons Analyzers models include analysis tools and add-ons for a variety of communication protocol groups:

They allow high sensitivity data capture of multiple channels and in-depth protocol analysis via a variety of views showing the big picture yet permitting the user to dive into the last bit details. A sophisticated toolbox and variety of add-ons enables further analysis of the data and additional features such as generation of traffic to stimulate the system under test, capturing of data from remote located networks as well as customization of the analyzer environment to match the specific task.

The Perytons Network Visibility centralized solution facilitates monitoring of large number of remotely distributed IoT networks. It stores the received remote data in raw format, analyzes it and automatically detects potential problems such as interoperability, commissioning or performance issues even before end-users become aware of any problem.

Cyber Security

Aimed for IoT service providers, our Cyber Security solution allows the monitoring of remote located operational IoT networks, automatically identifying malicious activities (such as hacking attempts) and generates alarms that allow the company CSO or CIO (Chief Security or Chief Information Officer) immediate intervention.

The Perytons back office security suite allows detailed forensic study of suspicious events and vulnerability assessments.

This centralized approach captures the remote networks’ data on the target dedicated database (several standard protocols such as 802.15.4/ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, RF4CE, Bluetooth Smart, narrow-band PLC PRIME and G3, as well as customized protocols are supported) and saves it in its raw format permitting also its detailed off-line analysis and in-depth investigation in case of need.

Bluetooth Smart
IoT Vulnerability Study
Perytons IoT Defense

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Features and Capabilities

Whether dealing with wireless (single or multiple channels, 2.4GHz or Sub 1 GHz), or wire-line environments, with the Perytons Protocol Analyzer you do not have to stop and just analyze the captured data.
There are several Add-On upgrade options and possibilities available for our different product lines (802.15.4/ZigBee, Google Thread, Bluetooth Smart or narrow-band powerline communications – PRIME, G3):

  • The Peryton-Anywhere Add-On
    for collecting data from remotely located networks. Uses a Peryton-Gateway (included in the Peryton-Anywhere Add-On) connected to a relevant capturing front-end, that tunnels the data over internet (Ethernet, WiFi) directly to the Perytons Protocol Analyzer application
  • The Peryton-Scripting Add-On
    embed your own pieces of C-Sharp (C#) code (“Scripts”) into the Perytons Protocol Analyzer environment and enhance the overall analysis experience (there is no need for a development environment). Possible features available through scripts include: automated processes, unattended monitoring of specific scenarios including customized statistic charts creation, sharing of captured data through a MySQL database, logging of specific data/messages to external files, triggering of data traffic (if also the Peryton-TG is enabled) and much more
  • The Peryton-Traffic Generator (Bluetooth Smart Mesh Simulator) Add-On
    the Peryton-TG (also called Peryton Bluetooth Smart Mesh simulator in case of our Perytons Bluetooth Smart Protocol Analyzers product line) adds the capability to create, edit and transmit pre-defined traffic back to the network environment – all can be done in parallel of capturing the network data and from predefined data files or from user-defined-scripts (especially useful for Protocol Vulnerability Assessments)
  • The Peryton-SDK (Software Development Kit) Add-On
    use it to integrate your own customized protocol into the Perytons Protocol Analyzer environment resulting in a single, powerful and rich analysis tool that can be used throughout your entire development, testing and deployment process
  • Change the look and feel through User Preferences and display layouts
    we are aware of the fact that different views and options can be required to be visible to different users throughout the module/network analysis stages. The Perytons Protocol Analyzers include flexibility options already in the basic models to addresses different users requirements

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