Why aren’t the Perytons™ licenses prices published on the website (I have seen other tools that publish their price over the internet)?

As the professional analysis tool of choice for the 802.15.4 market, we try to make sure that our customers consult with us in order to ensure their analysis requirements are met with the right Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer model. We believe that providing a price list without really making sure that the specific model chosen is understood down to all its features and capabilities might confuse our customers and may result in taking a wrong decision about which analyzer model to buy. Approaching Perytons™ personnel for pricing is promptly and professionally answered while addressing the specific end-user needs.

My free evaluation period has expired. What are my options?

The Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer free evaluation period is 30 days. After this period expires, you should purchase a licensed version of the product from Perytons™. Alternatively, you may request an extension of the evaluation period. Such an extension request will typically be approved one time.

What is the difference between the free evaluation and licensed versions?

Some of the Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer features are disabled or limited in the free evaluation version while partial Add-On features are included in it.
The free evaluation of the Perytons™ Wireless Protocol Analyzers:

  • is open for capturing 4 simultaneous channels (provided that you have one of the compatible front end HW devices) – (the evaluation package of the Bluetooth Low Energy line allows capturing 1 out of the 3 advertisement channels using 1 front-end – the user can select which of the 3 adv. channels is captured)
  • is limited to 30 days
  • The maximum continuous capture period is limited to 5 minutes
  • The maximum number of capture processes (after each a capture file is saved to disk) in the Free Evaluation version is limited to 25
  • The maximum number of messages that can be viewed/analyzed concurrently is limited to 500
  • Some Scripting Add-On features like writing User Defined Scripts and running them on the same PC are enabled (signing or saving Scripts as well as running Batch Operations is enabled)
  • Some of the Traffic Generator Options are enabled (editing messages is possible but saving to a new .ANL file or over the air transmissions not enabled)
We are currently installing a system in an indoor environment and need to optimize the deployment of our network. Should I install the Scripting Add-On package or is it enough to buy the license and activate it?

Well, it depends on the deployment needs. In a simple deployment you will typically use one of the basic Perytons Protocol Analyzer models (preferably one that supports diversity since you are deploying the network in an indoor environment). This will allow you to make sure that the devices in the network communicate with each other and identify problems.

If the installation is complicated and you face problems appearing once a while, or if this is a mission critical system where you want to make sure, over a longer period of time, what is the system performance and that there are no critical problems or you just want to add more flexibility to your analysis environment, then you may better add the Perytons™ Scripting Add-On option to your license. In such case you will typically leave a working analyzer unattended with the network, and set the User Defined Scripts for reporting message status, performance, and generating alerts, logs and statistics graphs on scenarios you define as important.

Note that only a single Peryton-Scripting Add-On license is required to write the User Defined Scripts. The resulting Script’s code can be used on all the other PCs that run a Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer license.