DASH7 Sniffer and Protocol Analyzer

The ISO/IEC 18000-7 standard, also referred to as DASH7 Mode2, is a multi-vendor, wireless control protocol. Especially designed for long range wireless sensor networks, the DASH7 Mode2 protocol involves parameters like: dynamically adjustable range from 10 meters to 10 kilometers, less than1 milliwatt power draw, dynamically adjustable data rate from 28kbps to 200kbps, 433MHz frequency band, signal propagation that penetrates walls, concrete, water and 128-bit AES public key encryption.

In parallel of the DASH7 Mode2 protocol development and in order to provide companies and developers with appropriate tools, the Peryton-D7 sniffer is the first and only DASH7 Mode2 analyzer in the market. It is an indispensable tool for development, integration, installation, monitoring, and troubleshooting wireless sensor networks and products based on the DASH7 Mode2 protocol. Peryton-D7 Protocol Analyzers combine full coverage of the different Channel Classes and Spectrum IDs defined by the standard with a rich and user-friendly analysis toolbox.

The Peryton-D7 main features include:

Full analysis of ISO/IEC 18000-7 standard (captures data from the different DASH7 Mode2 defined channels in the 433MHz band)

Sophisticated Time View display

Intuitive auto-discovered Network View display in real time

Easy to follow Message Sequence View window

Friendly Message View window

Informative Message-Tree View window

Enhanced analysis tools

Easy sharing and more

The Peryton-D7 includes the required hardware front-end for immediate out-of-the-box operation.

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