Additional Tools

Additional Tools and Features

Among the additional tools and features included in the Perytons™ ZigBee Protocol Analyzer are: statistics charts, flexible data search, message compare, and more.

Through the Preferences option the user can change default colors and other initial settings in order to match his own requirements and needs.

Included with the Perytons™ ZigBee Protocol Analyzer is the Protocol Analyzer Player that allows running or stopping the analyzer from windows command line. This is useful for initiating and stopping data capture (and traffic generation if relevant) through an external application. This feature is especially useful for scheduling unattended analysis sessions.

Depending on the Perytons™ Protocol analyzer model, the option for RF Activity Search and Capture is included. This tool provides a detailed picture of the current RF activity and allows optimizing the network setup during the deployment stages.

By using the different Add-Ons (Peryton-Scripting, Traffic Generator or Software Development Kit), additional flexibility can be added on top of the standard analyzer models.

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