Time View

Time View window

The Time View window provides a unique two dimensional view of transmitted messages in the ZigBee network. This is a time-line view that provides easy understanding of ZigBee transactions and other time related processes. In a 802.15.4 beacon network this view shows message transmission times relative to the beacon grid line verifying correct message timing. Time markers can be easily set allowing time related measurements and calculations.

The vertical axis displays messages by channel, device ID, Protocol Layer, PAN ID or IP Address (for 6LoWAPN or ZigBee IP analysis), making recognizing and understanding processes and transactions easy and fast.

Showing ZigBee message body and preamble, with color-coded message initiator and message content types

Displaying IEEE 802.15.4 beacon grid lines and beacon information

Ploting message timelines grouped by channel, device ID, Protocol Layer, Network ID or IP Address (if relevant)

Related messages (e.g. 802.15.4 message and its ACK) are connected with lines for easier understanding of processes and transactions

Supporting time bookmarks and markers, for easy browsing between annotated time instances and for time-related measurements and calculations

Allowing attaching user notes to messages

When right clicking on any of the y axis parameters, the user can choose to temporarily hide/unhide specific field values from the current view (e.g. show only channels 11, 14 and 15 even though all the 16 channels of the 2.4GHz are being captured, show only messages that include a specific protocol layer – Smart Energy, etc.)

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