Search / Find / Filter

The Search (Find) feature

Among the different tools and options included in the Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer, the Search (also called Find) allows filtering desired messages based on field values, values range, tool tip or user-note content or field existence.

Each search result group is shown in a new tab in the Message View window and the search criteria clearly displays on the tool tip that appears when placing the mouse on the tab title.

Searches can be nested – i.e. search within a group of messages resulting from a previous search.

After they are defined, search settings can be saved into search defined names and easily included into a drop-down list for later quick selection. Searches can be performed on messages included in an off-line file or executed on messages just received during real-time capture.

Besides the basic search tool, using the Enhanced Search option allow the user to combine simple search criteria into more sophisticated logical search expressions and so define new, better targeted, search filters.

Searching can be done also from the Network View window by right-clicking on a device icon or connection. Such action allows searching for messages to and from a specific device and/or over a specific connection link respectively.

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