Message View

Message View window

Allows drilling into ZigBee message fields down to the bit level. Field content is shown numerically and textually and further detailed information (e.g. field name, description, meaning of the current value and user notes) is displayed by moving the mouse over each field. For maximal convenience both (customizable) graphical modes and textual-tabular modes are supported.

The features included in the Message View section greatly facilitate quick understanding of ZigBee message and devices’ interaction, eliminating the need to refer to off-line documentation of the communication standard.

Shows the message ZigBee layers headers (e.g. PHY, MAC, NWL, APS, profile) as well as payload

Shows message field values, descriptions, and interpretations

Easy expansion/collapse of ZigBee message sub-blocks in graphical mode

Easy addition of message fields to table columns in table mode

Easy linking to messages in other windows

Automatic message comparison

Enables attaching and viewing user-defined notes to selected desired messages

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