Message Tree View

Message-Tree View window

Similar to the Message View window, the Message-Tree View allows exploring a selected ZigBee message in a deep and different manner.
Any selected message (in Time, Message or Message Sequence Views) is shown in the Message-Tree View window upper section in a color coded tree (XML like) structure allowing expanding and collapsing the field of interest. Each of the field names includes a short description of its content.

When hovering over it with the mouse, a more detailed explanation shows. Colors of the specific field or block are identical to the respective ones in the Message View (both graphical and table modes) for easy recognition. If the selected message includes a user note, a relevant note-flag shows and its detailed content displayed when pointing on it.

The Message-Tree View includes also additional sections that provide more information about the message like:

Message Data Section – shows the data of the selected ZigBee message in hexadecimal and ASCII formats

Deciphered Data Section – shows the clear (deciphered) ZigBee message data for cases where the message had an encrypted section and this section has been correctly deciphered

Additional Data Section – when messages include information that was not part of the original message received by the analyzer (e.g. in case of ZigBee fragmentation, the full message content will be displayed in the last message of the series), this data will be shown in the Additional Data section

Binary Section – in parallel of highlighting the word where a received bit oriented field resides, the Binary Section shows the location of the field bits inside the relevant data word highlighted with a pink background

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