Perytons™ 802.15 ZigBee Protocol Analyzers windows, sections and tools

The different Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer products are built on top of the same powerful engine that includes a variety of views that cover ZigBee analysis from the big picture to the very last bit.

Some of the main sections included in the Perytons™ Protocol Analyzers are:

Time View window - Provides a unique view of the transmitted ZigBee messages with full and clear representation of time-related processes. Depending on the license type, messages can be grouped by device ID, network (PAN) ID, IP Address, channel or layer.
Time markers can be easily set allowing time related measurements and calculations.

Message View window - Allows drilling into ZigBee message fields down to the bit level. Field content is shown numerically and textually and further detailed information is displayed by moving the mouse over each field. Both graphical modes and textual-tabular modes are included.

Message-Tree View window - Presents the different ZigBee message blocks and layers in an easy to read color coded ‘tree-like’ (similar to XML) structure and allows looking into the sections actually being transmitted over the air.

Network View window - Auto discovers the ZigBee network topology based on the received messages. Each device is presented according to its type and all known and gathered information about it. Links between devices and routes are clearly displayed and the devices can be placed over a map or floor plan.

Message Sequence View window - Shows the interaction between multiple ZigBee devices in a single screen, easily indicating the protocol layer, message direction, message type, etc.
Specific transactions are identified and can be grouped. The view is synchronized with the other analyzer windows for easy recognition of devices and messages.

Additional Tools - The additional tools include statistics charts, flexible data search and filtering options, message compare utilities, temporary hiding element from views and more.

Analyzing ZigBee IP networks - The Perytons Analyzer include dedicated features for analyzing IP protocols (e.g. 6LoWPAN, ZigBee IP). These include the ability to reconstruct HTML components (style sheet, images, etc.) to the actual HTML page, building XML data into tree like structure and verifying its validity according to the relevant schema files.