Peryton-Traffic Generator

The Peryton-TG (Traffic Generator) Add-On

The Peryton-TG Add-On enhances the Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer basic licenses by adding the ability to create, edit and transmit pre-defined traffic over the air. This innovative tool enables using the Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer to stimulate the system-under-test by transmitting messages and in parallel capture the resulting traffic while analyzing the system-under-test response.

The Peryton-TG Add-On module can be added to the various Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer basic licenses (pending using a front-end capable of transmitting data) as well as along with the PeryTAB™ PC Add-On.

The following actions can be accomplished with the Peryton-TG Add-On:

Add or modify messages while editing message fields and saving into message-template or new/modified data-capture files (field values can be chosen from a drop-down list and according to the standard or defined by the user as plain values). Secured messages can be re-encrypted by selecting a security key from the security keys list

Transmit the modified capture file messages over-the-air, using an additional USB module set to transmit mode (included). Messages can be also transmitted from a user defined script that, for example, sets a criteria as a result of analyzing the received messages; and by that allowing the user to build a dynamic state machine that will interact with the system under test

The system-under-test gets stimulated by the generated traffic

Using the Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer in parallel to the traffic generator allow capturing both the generated traffic and the system-under-test response

The Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer displays the received messages for analysis especially marking the generated messages for easy recognition

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