Develop, Analyze, Sniff, Deploy

Whether working in single channel, multi channel, 2.4GHz or Sub 1 GHz environments, capture and analysis of ZigBee networks, or sniffing IEEE 802.15.4 based wireless sensor networks, with the Perytons Protocol Analyzers is easy.

See for yourself - wireless

You can try the Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer and see its capabilities by yourself. Download our 30 days free evaluation with pre-captured data files, watch our demo movies, or browse through our screenshots gallery.

Mobile, Flexible and Customizable

Enrich your sniffer basic license with traffic generation and scripting options using the Peryton-TG and Peryton-Scripting Add-Ons or use it with finger gestures on a Tablet PC with the PeryTAB Add-On. Integrate your protocol with the Peryton-SDK Add-On.