Back-Office (view only) PRIME – PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution and G3 Protocol Analyzer

The Peryton-V analyzer is a fully-featured, software-only data analysis tool. It allows analyzing PLC data previously captured by Peryton-PLC analyzer.

When using the Peryton-V analyzer, the user can quickly identify erroneous or problematic messages, inspect message contents down to the bit level and easily share scenarios of interest with colleagues, vendors, and customers.

The Peryton-V main features include:

Full analysis of PLC PRIME – PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution MAC and Convergence layers – and other wireline protocols

Sophisticated Time View display

Intuitive auto-discovered Network View display in real time

Easy to follow Message Sequence View window

Friendly Message View window

Informative Message-Tree View window

Enhanced analysis tools

Easy sharing and more.

The Peryton-V for PLC is compatible with the Peryton-Scripting and Peryton-SDK Add-Ons.

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