The captured data is then analyzed in real-time (or offline) showing the detailed content of each message down to its bits and bytes.

The captured data is displayed in variety of windows allowing to see the network topology, the transactions along time, message sequence between devices and more.

Professional toolbox allow to further analyze the captured data to find problematic messages, identify non standard messages, analyze the application messages and more.

Analyzed data can be easily shared with colleagues for further inspection.

The Peryton-PLC main features include:

Sniffing and capturing PLC-PRIME data transmitted over the power-line

Full analysis of PLC PRIME – PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution MAC and Convergence layers – and other wireline protocols

Sophisticated Time View display

Intuitive auto-discovered Network View display in real time

Easy to follow Message Sequence View window

Friendly Message View window

Informative Message-Tree View window

Enhanced analysis tools

Easy sharing and more.

The Peryton-V for PLC is compatible with the Peryton-Scripting and Peryton-SDK.

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