Power Line Communications analysis with Tablet PC

The PeryTAB™ is an Add-On for Perytons™ PLC Protocol Analyzer licenses, especially build for using the application in a Tablet PC environment. It provides a unique user experience while running the Perytons™ PLC Protocol Analyzer models with touch screen features. The PeryTAB™ Add-On allows interacting with the Perytons™ PLC Protocol Analyzer in both portrait and landscape orientation, choosing features and

options with large icons and fonts optimized for finger size, browsing the analyzer windows with finger gestures such as zoom, scroll and tap.

The PeryTAB™ Add-On can run on top of Perytons™ PLC Protocol Analyzer basic licenses.



Pending on capability to run the Peryton-Scripting and Peryton-Traffic Generator Add-Ons on the standard non-Tablet-PC basic license models, the Scripting and Traffic-Generator Add-Ons can also be active on top of the respective PeyTAB™ Add-On option.

A license using the PeryTAB™ Add-On can be set to run in normal (non-tablet) PC mode allowing the user to use his platform with external keyboard and mouse appliances.

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