The quickly evolving IoT (Internet of Things) arena depends on connectivity. In Smart Cities, Industrial, Agricultural and other vertical segments, high number of remote sensors is being connected to the cloud enabling new exciting applications and opportunities.

Perytons SeLoRa is a unique wireless networks allowing to easily connect battery operated sensors to the cloud. SeLoRa based sensors can operate up to 10 years without replacing the battery. Leveraging the LoRa® RF modulation, SeLoRa sensors can communicate with gateways located up to couple of kilometers away.

Being a leading company in the  IoT domain for more the 10 years, Perytons bring to the Smarter City domain its vast experience in protocol management and security to enable our clients and partners in  achieving the most advanced business initiatives in Smarter city management.

Leveraging Perytons hardware and software in house expertise, the SeLoRa components can be quickly adjusted to the customer’s need, integrating the customer’s sensing elements with SeLoRa processing and communication core, and integrating SeLoRa cloud with the customer’s application servers.

SeLoRa architecture is described in the following drawing. The system includes large number of sensors, each occupied with customer specific sensors such as temperature sensor, ultrasonic sensors (for garbage level in garbage bins), humidity and pressure sensors (for agriculture). The sensors are connected to the SeLoRa gateways through LoRa® RF modulation. The gateways mange the sensors and forward the application layer messages to the communication network cloud or to the application cloud. The communication server manages the network over the communication cloud, including setting system parameters, detecting sensors problems, handling prediction of each sensor battery end of life etc. The application info can be polled by the customer’s IT systems, by SeLoRa web application or by SeLoRa mobile application installed on end user’s mobile phones.

Typical Applications
  • Cold food chain – log and report temperature of items during storage and transportation
  • Garbage – detect garbage level and temperature in underground garbage bins, allow for efficient garbage collection planning, prevent garbage bins overflow and annoying smell
  • Agriculture – Collect data such as humidity, temperature, soil type, floods  from sensors spread over planets and trees, allow to efficiently control water valves
SeLoRa main features


  • Long battery life – up to 10 years with ~30 events / day
  • Battery status estimation – allow to predict end of life, and modify parameters and handle maintenance accordingly
  • Built in scheduler – allow using different parameters in different hour / weekday
  • Synchronized Time Of Day – allowing accurate time stamping of sensors readings
  • Accurate temperature measurement – down to 0.5°C
  • Quick sensor customization – sensor hardware can be integrated with cusotemr specific sensors (agriculture, parking, ultrasonic)


  • Low power gateways – gateway consumes ~1Watt – can be operated from solar panels
  • Support multiple gateways per network – no single point of failure
  • Multiple transceivers – up to 4 channels / bit rates per gateway

Wireless communication network

  • Wireless, ISM communication – using the unlicensed 433Mhz, 868Mhz or 915Mhz frequency bands, based on LoRa® modulation
  • Mid range – up to 5Km in line of sight, up to 1Km in an urban environment
  • Reliable, robust link – use of acknowledgements and re-transmissions to guarantee message delivery
  • Full over-the-air control – including firmware update, sensor and communication parameters
  • Communication network managed over cloud – allow multiple servers for managing the communication network
  • Built in encryption capabilities – TOD based for message replay detection

Flexible application connectivity

  • Application cloud connectivity – can be easily connected to the customer’s IT systems
  • Mobile phones support – to allow end users to get sensor network status (e.g. parking slot state) over a map
  • Web application – to allow customer’s IT manager to get sensors status over an interactive map using any browser
SeLoRa as installed in NovaSens parking lot

Real time updates from SeLoRa operational parking lot instillation.