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Version 4.1 is on its way

Hello everyone, We are excited about the expected release of Perytons analyzer version 4.1. This release is now in the final QA stages and is due within a couple of weeks. This version include ZigBee profile updates for ZigBee Home Automation, ZigBee Smart Energy and other clusters and profiles. In the User Interfaces, we added…


Triggering data transmission and capture of the ZigBee sniffer or PLC analyzer via command line

Integrated with the Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer basic license is the Protocol Analyzer Player feature. The Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer Player allows controlling the capture (and traffic generation if applicable) functions from a command line: With the Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer Player the user can set to automatically run the analyzer application and start or end a capture…


Transmit messages from a Perytons Format (.anl) file

The Traffic Generator (TG) Add-On allows you to transmit messages (in parallel of your capturing process) – With this Add-On you can create, edit and transmit messages from a Perytons Format (.anl) file or, when combined with a Scripting Add-On module, transmit messages based on a message that has been received, etc. Regarding the option…


Perytons Software Development Kit (SDK) Add-On Module

The Peryton-SDK add-on module enables users to incorporate their own proprietary protocol or application layers into the Perytons Protocol Analyzer environment, and to take advantage of the analyzer’s unique features and capabilities when analyzing their proprietary protocol. The SDK allows integrating the SDK code into the analyzer’s Message View and other sections. The Perytons SDK…


Perytons on-line file converter

The Perytons on-line file converter allows converting other analyzers files into the Perytons capture file format. Users without a compatible front-end capturing hardware but with files captured by other analyzers, can take advantage of the unique features of the Perytons analyzer and get first hand experience of the Perytons features and capabilities. The web-based file…


Perytons analyzers support Digi Protocols

Perytons analyzers support the standard 802.15.4/ZigBee protocol including its profiles. Additionally, the analyzers support other 802.15.4 based protocols like 6LoWPAN and RF4CE. The Digi XBee modules can run two different protocol stacks: 1. Standard ZigBee 2. A proprietary DigiMesh protocol. If you use the standard ZigBee, you can use the standard Perytons Analyzer. If you…