We at Perytons strive to provide the best analysis products and solutions in the market and to facilitate their use by our customers, partners and clients.

In order to help us accomplish this goal, here is a short list of the different resources, knowledge base and useful links:

Shared information among Perytons Tools users, including some ‘how-to’ useful tips that can sometimes save precious time

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to those questions that we get usually asked about,

Supported Hardware
Find out which front-ends are supported in our different product lines i.e. 802.15.4/ZigBee, Google Thread, Bluetooth Smart and narrow-band PLC. Note that this list gets updated from time-to-time with new hardware so it is highly suggested to visit it frequently.

User Defined Scripts
User Defined Scripts can be very powerful. This list includes some examples of user-defined-scripts for some features and flexibility options added through them to the Perytons Analysis Solutions environment.

Useful and educational documentation to help shed light on some of the typical issues found when analyzing the different communication protocols and environments.

Additional specific information abut each of the standard communication protocol technologies that we support can be found in the relevant pages of each at the following links: 802.15.4/ZigBee, Google Thread, Bluetooth Smart and PowerLine Communications.

We value our customer and their ideas and are constantly improving our products to support enhancements in technology, changes in the market and new customer needs.

We are happy to receive requirements or suggestions you may have. Suggestions are reviewed carefully and we make efforts to include them in an upcoming release.

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