User Defined Scripts are practically small pieces of code that enable the user (or Perytons™ support) to add features to the Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer, or to modify existing analysis,
without the need to add these features into the Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer core. Such features are aimed to serve specific needs or requirements by the user of the standard Perytons™ Protocol Analyzer platform. After they have been written and signed, Scripts can be incorporated as an additional layer of the analysis process and into the different Perytons Protocol Analyzer active licenses of choice.

The User Defined Scripts enhance capabilities of the Perytons™ Protocol Analyzers’ environment in different dimensions like monitoring of live-networks; change the look and feel of the existing views (Time, Message, Network, etc.), definition of customizable statistic charts, interconnection and reports to external applications through numerous communication ports and protocols, e-mail alerts, and more.

Scripts run whenever a new message is analyzed or when a new message is displayed as explained within the following diagram:




The various Perytons™ Protocol Analyzers basic models already include some User Defined Scripts examples (the list of these basic Scripts included in the standard products may change from time to time without prior notice).

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