Founded in 2006, Perytons Ltd. is a leading provider of analyzers for standard and proprietary communication protocols. The Perytons product portfolio include Zigbee / IEEE 802.15.4 Protocol Analyzers, PLC-PRIME Protocol Analyzers, Bluetooth LE (BLE) Analyzers as well as customized analyzers for proprietary protocols.

Leveraging years of experience in development and implementation of wireless communications networks, the Perytons™ team is totally focused on providing developers, implementation experts, and field engineers with the best analysis tools, combining advanced feature sets with rich yet intuitive interfaces.

Perytons™ is a Participant member of the ZigBee Alliance, and an Adopter member of the Bluetooth SIG.

In addition to the standard products, Perytons™ provides professional customization services for adding customers’ proprietary protocols to the Perytons™ Protocol Analyzers platform.

Perytons™ is a privately held company based in Ness-Ziona, Israel.