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Besdies the Message Sequence View, version 5.1 includes Time Markers for the Time View section

Lots has been said about the new Message Sequence View introduced in the latest version 5.1 of the Perytons Protocol Analyzer that enables a new way to explore messages and transactions with Message Sequence View window:
- Show the transactions between devices and/or protocol layers, with colorful arrows showing message type, direction and timing
- Non relevant layers can be removed from display to allow focusing on the layers relevant for the specific test (e.g. profiles, attributes).

But this is not all,  among some additional improvements like Support for additional PRIME PLC layers and PRIME security in the wire-line narrow band PLC models of this version, there is also the incorporation of time markers into the Time View window.
The time markers enable measuring the time and time-delta of and between relevant events and provide an additional way to focus on time sensible messages and sessions:






Details about the latest version release notes can be also found at
Perytons ZigBee Analyzer release notes, Perytons PLC Analyzer release notes or Perytons BLE Analyzer release notes.

These new features and updates are one example of the benefits you are entitled to when under a Service and Support plan.
If you are not under Service and support you can ask for a Service and Support quotation from our sales team.

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Changing the capturing channel through a Script

When performing a single channel process, scripts can be used to set the current capture channel.
This process, for example, can be used to change the capturing channel of the analyzer after receiving a relevant ‘Channel Change’ (in a network using ZigBee channel agility).
The following figure describes a scenario where a single channel analysis is done for channel number 13 and changes to channel 15 after receiving a relevant frequency channel change command (the relevant Script is included in the Perytons Protocol Analyzer wireless user manual):


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Heads up – Perytons V 5.1 Protocol Analyzer with Message Sequence View is on its way

We are already focusing on on the next release of the Perytons Protocol Analyzer which will include a new option for looking at devices interaction in your network (ZigBee, PLC or BLE. The Message Sequence View allows looking at interaction of 2:


and up to 8 devices in the network:


using an easy to read Message Sequence Chart convention.

As with the other existing views, the Message Sequence View is synchronized with the different sections enabling looking at a specific message in the Time, Message and Message-Tree views by just clicking on it.

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